Urban Indie Branding and Marketing Group (UiBMG) is a global conglomerate on the cutting edge of performing arts via the music and entertainment industry.

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, with affiliate offices in New York City and Los Angeles, California, Urban Indie BMG encompasses artist promotion, business formation, consultancy, digital retail coordination, product development, and talent management services.

The advent of streaming technology has made it much harder to sell music and created new challenges for entertainers to stay afloat.

We position artist to profit from various revenue streams and retain complete ownership of their content despite these hurdles.

One common misconception is that having copyright protection or online distribution somehow takes care of everything.

Our clients understand this is simply not true and that very few companies if any offer the level of service provided by UiBMG.

We guarantee notable results within 14 days or less of sign up.

All work is performed under contract and backed by two million dollars in professional liability coverage for added assurance.

Try finding a competitor who does that.

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