Billboard Charting


A Universal Product Code (UPC) or barcode identifies a company as the manufacturer or distributor of a product.


This data influences the business decisions of all indie and major labels, booking agents, concert promoters, and artist managers, but does not guarantee sales of a product will be tracked for charting on Billboard.


Retailers that don't report such data or meet Soundscan criteria only serve to further complicate these matters.


To remedy this nuisance and ensure sales information reaches its proper destination our marketing team has devised a Billboard Charting service.


Through our program, indie labels and recording artist of all genres can now leverage potential deals by reporting their weekly sales directly to us for submission to Soundscan.


Try asking traditional retailers or digital content providers such as E Music, I Tunes, Napster, CD Baby, or Amazon to do that.


*Complimentary product coding is included with this program.





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