Realizing the importance of having reliable communication Urban Indie Worldwide Branding and Marketing Group has partnered with Voice Nation LLC to offer your business a vast range of toll free services.


Avoid the hassle of interruptions that can pose a distraction from your daily business affairs with a customized 800 voicemail to handle your incoming calls.


Our staff will create a script catered specifically to your business which will be professionally narrated and used on your corporate 800 line.


Callers are routed to the appropriate voice mailbox to record a message and notification is sent to you via email as a wave file and/or text on your cellular phone.


Call 800.303.8524 to hear how a customized toll free voicemail sounds once completed.


Outbound calling, live answering service and internet fax to email is also available.


Experience the added assurance and organization that a toll free answering service can bring to your business.


To get started click here and review the package options to determine which combination best fits your business needs.




Brand Evaluation

Equipment Insurance

Mobile Talent Booking

Virtual PBX

Product Coding

Billboard Charting

Sales Tracking

Label Shopping

Trade Name Search



Entertainment Consulting

Contract Preparation and Negotiation

Event Planning

Artist Locator

Music Clearance

Script Writing

Compulsory/Mechanical Licensing















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