What does UIBMG stand for?


Urban Indie Branding and Marketing Group


What is Urban Indie?


What does UIBMG stand for?


What exactly does Urban Indie do?


Are there any requirements to join?


How much does UIBMG charge for services?


Why was I sent a non-disclosure agreement?


What is the purpose of a retainer fee and why am I required to pay it?


Will I be offered a contract?


I've always wanted to learn the business and work with performing artist. Are there any entry level positions available with the company?


How do I go about having UIBMG become my brand manager?


I'm interested in booking major artist to do live concerts.  What can you do to assist me?


What social networking sites are UIBMG on?


Who has the company worked with before?


Can you get my music on the radio?


Does UIBMG book my gigs?


Does Urban Indie sign talent?


We've tried calling several times, but can't get anyone on the phone to address our concerns.


What advice does UIBMG have to offer those aspiring to build a brand and become successful in this industry?


I was charged a two (2) hour minimum for consultancy services, but only received thirty (30) minutes of the time. Will the difference be refunded to me?










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